The Journal

Coming soon: Broken Clock Brewing taproom

October 29, 2018

No kids, we have not yet reached “peak beer.” The golden age of suds brewing and imbibing is not cresting yet.

The boom is still going strong enough that the 600-plus-member Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative up on California Street in Northeast’s arts district has opened its own taproom, with an official grand opening scheduled for Nov. 9.

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The Star Tribune

Millennials are pushing to make Twin Cities breweries family-friendly hangouts

August 8, 2018

...“We built this with input from parents,” said co-founder Jeremy Gharineh, 35, of Columbia Heights. “We asked them to dream the design with us and this came out of the feedback of what the community wanted.”.

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Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

Broken Clock Brewery close to opening its new taproom

May 2018

...Broken Clock is a cooperative-style brewery — it sells shares to customers for small slices of ownership and democratic-style votes on business decisions. Jeremy Mathison co-founded the brewery with Matthew Eickman and Jeremy Gharnineh in 2015, building up its membership and opening the brewery in May 2017, focusing on production and distribution.

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City Pages

Broken Clock Brewing just broke ground on a brand-new taproom

March 8, 2018

...On March 2, members of Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative banded together to begin converting an old construction warehouse into their future watering hole. From engineers to IT professionals to power washers, the members are hosting a modern-day barn raising..

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The Tap Traveler

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

December 12, 2017

... The Pocket Watch Pecan was aptly named in regards to the setting as well as the flavor. It had notes of praline pecans, brown sugar, and biscuits. The Lavender Uprising was as advertised, rich in lavender aroma and had wonderful floral notes to cut the hop bitterness..

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Heavy Table

Copperwing Distillery, Broken Clock Brewing Co-op now open, OMNI makes big strides

June 7, 2017

...Founder and board member Jeremy Mathison feels that this democratic approach is key to successful beer. “All recipes are heavily critiqued,” he explains. Membership consists of both experts and laypeople, which is intentional..

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The Growler

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

May 16, 2017

...The name Broken Clock speaks to their ethos. Crediting the name to Mathison and founder-member Jeremy Gharineh, there are two different interpretations. “Broken Clock is a place where time stands still and community happens,” according to Jeremy Gharineh. Mathison uses more colorful language: “[So many people] were punching a clock every day and owned by their 9-to-5 work schedule. I want to smash that clock and create a place where people love going to work every day,” he says...

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