The Line

microbrewing's breakneck growth continues: 7 of the coolest new craft-beer concepts in msp

June 28, 2016

... Broken Clock Brewing is about to be the second cooperative brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. It’s zeroing in on a place to call home, and a June brew party offered a tantalizing taste of what could be on tap there: imperial saison, lavender-infused double IPA, blood orange Belgian wit...

“We settled on the cooperative concept because we really wanted to create a business that was focused on serving the needs of those that would be utilizing our goods and services, versus being beholden to a handful of private owners,” says cofounder Jeremy Mathison, who started the brewery with pal Jeremy Gharineh, events guru Stephanie Hubbard, and head brewer Will Hubbard.

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The Growler

Broken Clock Brewing Coop moving into 56 Brewing’s California St. brewery

July 13, 2016

...The new start-up will be the second cooperative brewery in Minneapolis and will follow the organizational model of Fair State Brewing Coop, says founder Jeremy Mathison. “It’s almost identical,” he says. The public can choose from a Lifetime Membership with voting rights and other perks or a “Brewer’s Membership that allows homebrewers and other people to be more involved in the brewing process,” Mathison explains.

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