A member owned cooperative in Northeast Minneapolis that creates high quality experiences and beer through collaboration and service within the community.




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At Broken Clock Brewing, we believe that being a brew cooperative is bigger than just brewing great beer. We aspire to make a difference by empowering people, inspiring passion, and fostering collaboration in our community. Being a cooperative means that we put the needs of the community ahead of the bottom line.

We are a completely member-owned and operated cooperative democratically run by local Minnesota residents. Our members share the common vision of making this venture a meaningful and exciting experience for all members of the Twin Cities community.

Every member of Broken Clock Brewing is more than just a shareholder, they are an integral part of our community of change.



  • A cooperative is jointly owned by its members who share its profits and democratically manage its business operations. This has many benefits for the business including:
    • Keeps more wealth in the local community, as the members of the community are also the owners.
    • Members have equal say in how the business is run, preventing exploitation of employees or the local environment.
    • Workers can become members, which allows them to provide creative input and true ownership of their work.
    • Cooperatives operate for the greater good of the community and employees, rather than focusing on maximizing returns for shareholders.

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MNVest is here.

For the first time in Minnesota, average beer drinking, community loving Minnesota residents can invest in a start-up company without having to be an accredited investor. The minimum investment will start at $500 and give returns between 3-6% annually.

Invest in Broken Clock Today


  1. This advertisement is not the offer and is for informational purposes only.
  2. This offering is being made in reliance on the exemption under Minnesota Statutes Section 80A.461.
  3. Purchasers of this offering may only be residents of the State of Minnesota.
  4. All offers and sales are to be made through a MNvest portal.
  5. The Department of Commerce is the securities regulator in Minnesota.


10/27 + 10/28 Winter Beer Sampler and Halloween Celebration

Friday 4PM-10PM Saturday 12PM-10PM | Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN
A weeken full of events and contests. Members will be voting on our winter seasonal to be released Jan 1st. We will also have food trucks, games, and Halloween contests that include: Best Costume Contest, Broken Clock Infused Halloween Cupcake Contest, and a Pumpkin Carving Contest

11/14 Shop and Sip

Thursday 4:30PM-8PM | The Depot, Minneapolis, MN
More info coming soon.