Member Owner Spotlight

Danielle Gharineh is awesome member #17!

d45fba1d-cf0a-45e8-9332-4333793a80daNew to the craft beer scene, Danielle is exploring many different beer varieties thanks in part to Broken Clock.  Right now, she most enjoys drinking our 2:Brew.  If you want to chat with Danielle, you can often find her volunteering at the check-in table on a pint night.  In her free time away from Broken Clock, Danielle serves as Board Chair at Emerge Mothers Academy, a non-profit that supports single moms.  She’s also very involved at Corner Church--her other community.  Finally, Danielle is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.  She’s always up for chatting about the Timberwolves, the Vikings, the Kansas Jayhawks, and/or the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Danielle has been Operations Manager at Minnesota Quality Care for 11 years.  She describes her job as “basically being a problem solver,” and has a lot of love for her work and her co-workers. 

Danielle lives in Minneapolis with her husband Jeremy and daughter Avina. Jeremy is one of our co-founders.  She asserts Broken Clock was his passion, but it quickly became hers because of how the community welcomed her.  When asked if there’s anything else she’d like to share, Danielle says, 

“The impact that Broken Clock has had on me as a mother is huge. You can often feel isolated as a Mom because kids aren't always embraced. Broken Clock loves my daughter and thus I feel so free to always bring her to everything.”